Winter Travel Basketball Registration Process   

1) Each player must register with the Club -  
Click here to register on line.    
Click here to download a scholarship form.

2) Each player chosen to play Travel Basketball must provide the following proof of  ’birth date"
 A Virginia DMV ID Card– A copy of this identification must be obtained from a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.  This is the only documentation allowed as proof of your child’s age.  In addition, the Virginia DMV ID Card must show your current home address. 
B.   Report Card – Each player submit a copy of their report card, yes, your school report card or interim report card for proof of county residency.  Prior to submitting your child’s report card, you are welcome to hide/tape over grades received and or any comments made on the report card.  The important information that FCYBL need to validate is proof of the school they attend, their current grade, and home address.  
In addition to birth date documentation, each player must submit a  player eligibility form to be provided by the Club.   This form will include the players place of residence; school the player attends; telephone contact information; parents names; DMV Identification Number or FCYBL Identification Number; affirmation of player and parents to abide by the FCYBL Code of Conduct; and any other information requested, on a form approved by the Travel Basketball Commissioner. These documents must be submitted along with the rosters to the appropriate Deputy Basketball Commissioner no later than roster submission date set for each age group and/or league.





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