The Mini Kickers has grown to be a very popular LMVSC program! 

It is incredible to watch! 


How old does my child have to be to participate in the Mini Kicker’s Program? 

Mini Kickers must be 4 years of age by  the first session of the season.  


When are the sessions? 

The sessions are held on Saturday mornings.  9:00am, 10:00am at VA Hill and 11:45am at Stratford Landing ES. 


Where will the sessions be held? 

LMVSC has approximately 2,000 players.  In order to serve all the players, LMVSC will select centrally located field.   Va Hills and Stratford Landing ES


How long are the sessions? 

Sessions are 50 minutes long. 


How many sessions are there in a season?  

There are six Mini Kicker Sessions in a season.


Can I request my child to be a group with his/her friend?  

Yes, we are happy to honor this type of request.
What should my Mini Kicker wear?
Weather permitting, your Mini Kicker should wear shorts and a tee-shirt.  LMVSC will be providing a Mini Kicker’s tee shirt.  It is not mandatory to wear it to each session.  ;)  Soccer socks and skin guards are suggested.  You may purchase them at your local sports store.  Either cleats or tennis shoes are acceptable.  As the weather gets colder, you may wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt.


I would like to volunteer to coach my child in the Mini Kicker’s program.  Is that possible? 

In as much as we appreciate your wanting to volunteer, there are no coaches in the Mini Kicker’s program.  (We would love to have you volunteer once your child advances to the next level!)  LMVSC hires Licensed Professional coaches to conduct age appropriate activities for our Mini Kickers.  These sessions are group sessions where the players are playing imaginary games while learning the basic techniques of soccer.  There are no “soccer games” as we know them.  There is fun-imaginary game- like activities that will certainly bring a smile on everyone’s face!


What is the next level after Mini Kickers?

The next level is our Kindergarten age group. We call it “E” Division. This is a co-ed league. You must 1) have graduated from the Mini Kicker’s program or 2) be 5 years of age.