Billy Rice, Referee Congratulates LMVSC Basketball Finalist!

After a hard fought 2012 Basketball Season, LMVSC hosted Play Offs for each Division.  LMVSC’s Basketball program is focused on "skill" development and not just winning.  Inasmuch as the season is non results oriented, the Play Offs gives us a measure as to how each team has progressed from day one.  And progressed they did!  All the finals were amazing.  All the players had improved.  Coaches commended good plays and encouraged players every step of the way.  It was GREAT STUFF!

Now meet our Winter 2012 Basketball Champions!

Champions of  the Girl’s 3rd and 4th grade Division; Head Coach Michael Jewell and his Blue Devils!

Finalist of the Girl’s 3rd and 4th grade Division:  Head Coach Kathleen Dinegar and her Hokies!

Meet the LMVSC Boy’s 3rd and 4th grade Division Champions!  Coach Julia Ebron and her Patriots!

Meet our Boy’s 3rd and 4th grade Division Finalist:  Head Coach Byan Lakey and his Hoyas!

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