Team Fundraising

There are two types of fundraising that dictate how monies generated from such activities should be handled. 

1) Selling of products or services – these activities are best characterized by activities such as bake sales or car washes.  In these instances individuals that buy such goods or services are not entitled to receipts for such purchases to be used in claiming charitable tax deductions. Money generated through these activities can be, compliant with IRS requirements, deposited in one or more of the team or parents accounts and used in support of team activities.  

2) Monetary Donation - If a company/individual donates to a team and nothing is given in exchange - that donation must be sent- (payable to LMVSC P.O. Box 10202 Alexandria, VA 22310 ) to the Club - the Club in turns sends a check (the amount of the donation) to the team, along with the Club's Tax ID on letterhead for the donor to use to claim a charitable tax deduction.