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LMVSC continually strives to adopt efficient, clear and compliant financial practices.  The purpose of the guidance below is to outline club policy and procedures concerning the payment of contract coaches

Payment to Contract Coaches

The process for LMVSC and its travel soccer teams to pay contract coaches and coaching entities is as follows:

  1. Coaching contractor (individual or entity) generates a payment invoice (from coaching contractor to LMVSC) made out to LMVSC for services rendered consistent with the terms of their contract with the club.
  2. The invoice is provided by the coaching contractor to the team treasurer who writes a check payable to LMVSC from the individual team’s account in the amount of the invoice and provides both to LMVSC, LMVSC  P.O. Box 10202 Alexandria, VA 22310.
  3. LMVSC drafts a check in the amount of the service invoice and sends that check to the contractor.  Alternatively, in instances arranged between LMVSC and coaching contractors, LMVSC may make such payment via bank transfer (direct deposit). 
  4. On the day of the transaction above (#3), LMVSC sends invoice (listed as “paid in full” by team to LMVSC) to the team treasurer in the amount of both the invoice submitted by the contractor and the fee paid by the team to the club.  If paid in full, the league can indicate paid on that invoice.