Travel Soccer Program Overview

   Lee-Mount Vernon Sports Club is committed to providing every player in the club a fun and safe environment to develop fully as a soccer player, on and off the field.  In order for each player to improve, there is a process every player must go through.  The club firmly believes in not skipping steps throughout the process and has taken the necessary strides to ensure every player has the chance to unlock his or her full potential.

There are currently 40+ Travel Teams in our program from ages U-9 to U-18.  Teams will practice at a minimum of 2x per week, with games being played on the weekend.  LMVSC teams participate in one of four leagues: Club Champions League (CCL) - Fall 2015, National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL), and Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS).


Our Red teams will be competing in CCL, while our White and Blue teams participate in WAGS and ODSL.



If you are interested in playing for one of our teams and attending one of our training sessions for evaluation, please contact our Technical Director  for more information.

Esteban Maldonado – Technical Director –



Age Groups

U9 Boys (Players born August 1, 2005 - July 31st 2004)

U10 Boys (Players born August 1, 2004 - July 31st 2005)

U11 Boys (Players born August 1, 2003 - July 31st 2004)

U12 Boys (Players born August 1, 2002 - July 31st 2003)

U13 Boys (Players born August 1, 2001 - July 31st 2002)

U14 Boys (Players born August 1, 2000 - July 31st 2001)

U15 Boys (Players born August 1, 1999 - July 31st 2000)

U16 Boys (Players born August 1, 1998 - July 31st 1999)

U17 Boys (Players born August 1, 1997 - July 31st 1998)


Coaching Staff


All of the members of this coaching staff are nationally licensed coaches or have equivalent coaching metrics, and whose number one focus is PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. The LMVSC Coaching staff meets regularly and attends in-house and external-coaching clinics to stay well informed of developments in coaching techniques. The Technical Director and Assistant Technical Directors lead the entire coaching staff.




  • 3 VYSA State ODP Coaches
  • 5 VYSA ODP Northern District Coaches
  • 2 VYSA ODP Northern District Head Coaches
  • 50+ LMVSC Coaches in the Travel Program currently
  • 30+ Coaches have their USSF “D” License or higher
  • 4 Full-time Technical Staff Members
  • 18 Coaches played NCAA College Soccer
  • 8 Coaches played Professional Soccer in 9 Different Countries
  • 5 Coaches have played for their Senior or Youth National team
  • 2 Coaches have Played FIFA World Cup Qualifier Games
  • LMVSC Coaches have experience coaching in 9 Different Countries
  • ALL LMVSC Coaches follow the Clubs Curriculum



Spring 2015 Travel Soccer Registration

LMVSC Travel Soccer Coaches



Alex Pinto Head Coach U09 Boys
Norman Speicher Asst. Coach U09 Boys
Jedediah Bobier Head Coach U09 Girls
Michael Lybarger Asst. Coach U09 Girls
Jose Maldonado Head Coach U10 Boys
Chris Holloway Asst. Coach U10 Boys
samuel mensah Asst. Coach U10 Boys
Aldo Macias Landeros Head Coach U10 Girls
Jose Maldonado Head Coach U11 Boys
Kristen Bosley Asst. Coach U11 Boys
Todd Billak Asst. Coach U11 Boys
Sean Marietta Asst. Coach U11 Boys
Jedediah Bobier Head Coach U11 Girls
Rolando Montoya Asst. Coach U11 Girls
Steven Ganan Asst. Coach U11 Girls
Kyle Morsink Head Coach U12 Boys
Ekom Etuk Asst. Coach U12 Boys
Travis Howell Asst. Coach U12 Boys
James Clautice Asst. Coach U12 Boys
Olatomiwa Ogunsola Asst. Coach U12 Boys
Esteban Maldonado Head Coach U12 Girls
Fernando Zorro Asst. Coach U12 Girls
Samory Ligonde Asst. Coach U12 Girls
Aldo Macias Landeros Asst. Coach U12 Girls
Mitchell Gore Asst. Coach U12 Girls
brian odell Head Coach U13 Boys
Milton Rodriguez Asst. Coach U13 Boys
CARLOS ARANDA Head Coach U13 Girls
Esteban Maldonado Head Coach U13 Girls
Steve Long Asst. Coach U13 Girls
Todd Nelson Asst. Coach U13 Girls
Kyle Morsink Head Coach U14 Boys
Patrick Burns Asst. Coach U14 Boys
Neftali Ruelas Asst. Coach U14 Boys
Esteban Maldonado Head Coach U14 Girls
Ekom Etuk Asst. Coach U14 Girls
Fernando Zorro Asst. Coach U14 Girls
Rui Pinto Asst. Coach U14 Girls
Travis Howell Head Coach U15 Boys
Raphiou Laleye Head Coach U15 Girls
Farah Toure Head Coach U15 Girls
Alex Pinto Head Coach U16 Boys
Jose Maldonado Head Coach U16 Boys
samuel mensah Asst. Coach U16 Boys
Alan Waitt Asst. Coach U16 Boys
Alfonzo Verastegui Head Coach U16 Girls
Walter Trynock Head Coach U16 Girls
Michael Sorohan Asst. Coach U16 Girls
Jay Glascock Head Coach U17 Boys
Dane Merkel Head Coach U17 Boys
John Salamone Head Coach U17 Boys
Jorge Bonilla Asst. Coach U17 Boys
Timothy Price Head Coach U17 Girls
Lula Bauer Head Coach U17 Girls
Luis Rodriguez Asst. Coach U17 Girls
Rodriguez Rene Asst. Coach U17 Girls
Alejandro Castillo Head Coach U18 Boys
Andrew Press Head Coach U18 Girls
Alfonzo Verastegui Head Coach U18 Girls

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